Project: Survival Knife   Role: Artist   Note: Survival Knife, curated and organized by Joshua Doster, is a group book project, exhibited May 2010 at Jamison Brousseau Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. 52 artists contributed works, in an edition of 52 pieces, which were distributed into 52 folders. Primary themes of the piece include survival, evidence, and danger. My contribution was created in collaboration with artist and photographer Jason Carlisle. It consists of 52 pieces of evidence, meticulously collected, curated, documented, and displayed in 52 pieces of glassware. Each card has a stamp on the back indicating the name and number of the specimen, date of discovery, and where it is currently housed.   Materials: Toner transfer on inkjet print on paper. Custom rubberstamp and pen on label.

Survival Knife Survival Knife Survival Knife Survival Knife Survival Knife